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It is an honor for us to lead you back to the ancient time of ...


 Bangkok Studio

   - 700 years ago in the Lanna era ...  

      the ancient legend north of Thailand, the euphemistic cultural land

      where the sound of fiddle is surrounded their land ...


   - 600 years ago in the Tawarawadee era...  

       our north-east part, you can feel the dignity, loyalty and sacrifice for the nation ...

   - 400 years ago in the Ayothaya era... 

       our old capital city was known as "Dhamma land, Goldy land" in the war time

       brings up a lot of heroes and heroines, they look simple but magnificent in own way.

   - 200 years ago in Rattanakosin era,

       lead to present time under our beloved Rama1-Rama 9 kings...

       creating all art and culture...Siam or Thailand has been known all over the world,

       we are proud of our art and history...and every countries known us as " the land of smile"




once in your life to visit Thailand , come and capture yourself in our history,

we provided all costumes in each era, scences, make up, hair style and professional photographers to serve you

....with warmth welcome and hospitality....you will have a great time and bring back the memorable moment to your home town

....with the greatest sourvenoirs of your own...



       visit us, and bring back the greatest memory of Thailand    

                                          Bangkok studio, the place where you should not miss....     



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